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Leaking pipes or a slab leak at your Imperial, MO property can cause severe damage if those leaks are detected and remedied. The Beis Plumbing team offers expert leak detection services for homes and businesses throughout Imperial and the surrounding communities. When properly maintained, most pipeline networks will last decades. Unfortunately, eroding and excavation accidents can occur and cause leaks that can be detrimental to the foundation of your home, infrastructure of your commercial space, or pose a health risk to nearby neighborhoods.

Imperial, MO leak detection services can be used to reveal a leak in piping systems that transport liquids or gas. A major advantage of a leak detection system is that it allows workers to pinpoint where a leak has occurred and make the necessary repairs with as little disruption to service or unsightly digging as possible. Because leak detection can be completed on a number of piping materials, your home or office is a likely candidate for the service. Small leaks have the potential to cause major damage, so if you suspect issues within the system, it’s best to have the pipes tested right away.

Water Leak Detection in Imperial, MO

A dripping faucet is pretty easy to recognize, but not all leaks are as easy to spot. Water leaks that occur underground or beneath concrete slabs can go unnoticed until serious damage is evident. The good news is, a leak in your water line doesn’t necessarily call for destructive water leak detection that leaves deep trenches in your yard or rumbles of concrete near your home. Specialized technologies used by the Beis Plumbing team include:

Hydrostatic Technology: A hydrostatic test on your plumbing or pipelines involves filling the pipes with a liquid, typically water, and pressurizing the pipe in the specific area that needs to be tested. The water is often dyed a fluorescent color to allow for easier detection of a leak. Pressure tightness is evaluated by turning off the water valve and noting if there’s a loss of pressure. The plumbing’s strength is also evaluated by looking for permanent deformation in the pipes.

Smoke Testing: Smoke testing is one of the best ways to test the main water line, as well as lateral lines. The smoke is very visible, making it easy to detect leaks. The test typically uses a smoke candle and blower. The smoke is created through a chemical reaction and travels through the piping system.

Low-Pressure Air Test: Using pressurized air is a quick and effective way to test the integrity of newly installed water pipes. Air is pushed into the pipeline after all stub-outs are capped. The professional technicians with Beis Plumbing observe the pipe for 15 minutes to ensure no reduction in pressure occurs. A leak is revealed if the pressure gauge changes during the 15-minute test period.

Gravity Pipe Leak Detection: Gravity pipe leak detection is done through low-pressure air testing. Leaks and damaged joints are revealed by measuring the rate at which air under pressure escapes from an isolated section of sewer. The test is completed as a quality assurance method following installation of sewer pipes and as regular maintenance practice to ensure the pipes are free of corrosion and other damage.

Rely On Beis Plumbing for Leak Detection Services in Imperial, Missouri

Beis Plumbing will evaluate your plumbing system before determining which leak detection service is best for you. We serve Jefferon County and St. Louis County including the communties of Ballwin, Des Peres, and Kirkwood. Our leak detection services and repair methods to ensure your leak is quickly detected and repaired with quality materials.



They sent a gentleman out quickly who had just finished a job and the receptionist was very cordial. Tom was the repair person and he identified the problem quickly and repair was done well.


Dennis Spoerry

Called beis plumbing 9 AM. Joe came out at 12 when he said he'd be there and was done within an hour. He was quick, clean work, professional. I wouldn't use anyone else.


Colin Schroder

Tom was professional and educational. He explained everything that was wrong and fixed the problems fast and efficient. He worked on our kitchen sink and bathroom and the results were perfect. I highly highly recommend.


Shelby Hall

I had some plumbing issues that needed to be completed I made an appointment and they were out exactly at the time specified!!! They were very courteous and honest. Before I contacted Charlie I had an appointment set with another place that was a no show.
I can’t stress enough how much I was impressed. Great experience!!


Steve Hiles


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