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The professional plumbers with Beis Plumbing go beyond your kitchen pipe repair. Our highly-skilled technicians offer quality Imperial, MO water heater repair and installation. Whether it’s time to replace your aging unit or you’re exploring more energy-efficient models, like the Navien tankless water heater system, our technicians can install the new unit and provide routine maintenance to ensure it lasts for decades to come. Our goal is to help your home run more efficiently and keep cash in your wallet. If it’s time to replace your outdated unit, install a water heater in a new home, or you need water heater emergency services, our professional technicians can complete the job. Imperial water heater installation and repair can be performed at an affordable rate and in less time than you think.

The Importance of Professional Water Heater Services

How long your water heater lasts greatly depends on the type of unit in your home and how frequently routine maintenance is performed to keep it running efficiently. No matter the style of water heater, all units require regular inspections and maintenance to detect small issues before they become major plumbing emergencies. While any type of unit will naturally deteriorate with age and continuous use, a yearly inspection by the Beis Plumbing team will keep your unit providing hot water to your family for many years.

Navien Water Heater Installation in Imperial, Missouri

Navien tankless water heaters offer advanced technology to provide long-lasting hot water to your entire family, even for larger homes. Tankless water heaters are regularly identified as eco-friendly, but common problems like a lack of hot water or needing multiple units in larger homes, have prohibited some from making the transition from traditional units to tankless systems. The Beis Plumbing professionals are trained in installing and maintaining these high-tech units.

The highly-skilled technicians at Beis Plumbing are proud to solely offer the Navien system to residents who desire a tankless water heater. Our technicians have received specialty training on the inner workings of the units and know residents who desire a hard-working, efficient tankless system, will love the Navien water heater.

Common Hot Water Heater Problems

Natural deterioration occurs in a water heater as the unit ages and it is continuously used. A yearly inspection of your unit will help it run smoothly, but there are warning signs you may need water heater repair in between maintenance appointments.

Cracks: If you notice a dent or crack in your water heater, call the plumbing professionals at Beis Plumbing immediately. A small leak can quickly turn into major water damage in your home.

Discolored water: Steel water heater commonly rust as they age. If you notice a red or brown tint to your water, your tank may be rusting.

Limited hot water: Traditional water heaters can accumulate sediment at the bottom of the tank. The heating element must work overtime to heat the water sitting above the sediment, causing a delay in hot water being dispensed from your faucet.

Strange sounds: An indicator that your water heater is working too hard is loud bangs and clangs coming from the unit. This is also a common sign of sediment buildup.

The Beis Plumbing team offers routine inspections and maintenance for traditional water heaters. We’ll explain any challenges and offer solutions that fit your budget and timeline.

Choose The Best Water Heater Service in Imperial

Your Imperial water heater is in good hands with Beis Plumbing. We serve cities in Jefferson County and St. Louis County, Missouri. The cities we serve include Imperial, Ballwin, Des Peres, and Kirkwood, MO. Our technicians will repair the unit and have your home running comfortably again in no time. Our courteous team is ready to schedule your appointment.



They sent a gentleman out quickly who had just finished a job and the receptionist was very cordial. Tom was the repair person and he identified the problem quickly and repair was done well.


Dennis Spoerry

Called beis plumbing 9 AM. Joe came out at 12 when he said he'd be there and was done within an hour. He was quick, clean work, professional. I wouldn't use anyone else.


Colin Schroder

Tom was professional and educational. He explained everything that was wrong and fixed the problems fast and efficient. He worked on our kitchen sink and bathroom and the results were perfect. I highly highly recommend.


Shelby Hall

I had some plumbing issues that needed to be completed I made an appointment and they were out exactly at the time specified!!! They were very courteous and honest. Before I contacted Charlie I had an appointment set with another place that was a no show.
I can’t stress enough how much I was impressed. Great experience!!


Steve Hiles


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